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Thoughtful speech on November 20

  • 1. Students’ thoughts on November 20
  • 2. Teacher’s thoughts on November 20
  • 3. Best speech about November 20th
  • 4. Thoughts on November 20

Thoughtful speeches about November 20 are samples of speeches given by teachers and students on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. Thoughtful speeches about November 20 are deep gratitude to teachers on the Teachers’ Charter Day November 20.

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  • Short poems about teachers on November 20

Every year, every November, millions of students across the country eagerly welcome the celebration of the 20-11 Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. This is an opportunity for the students to express their gratitude to their teachers, who have been instrumental in guiding and teaching them to be human. On the occasion of Vietnam Teachers’ Day in 2021, Emojiplay would like to share with you a collection of thoughts on Vietnamese teachers’ day, the best speech about November 20 to dedicate to teachers. on Teachers’ Charter Day.

1. Students’ thoughts on November 20

Every year, every November, we eagerly look forward to the 20th. The day when all of our students have the opportunity to express their feelings to the teachers, who have been instrumental in guiding and teaching us what to do. People.

From the first days of school, we were taught by teachers. Moral lessons, words and numbers gradually appear and leave our young minds with so many hopes and dreams.

Five months have passed, the day I stepped foot in Primary school ….., today I’m a senior. For us, our gratitude and respect for teachers and teachers is boundless.

The teachers gave us wings, let us fly high and far away. Provide us with the knowledge to firmly take the next step on the road ahead and life later.

These days, in the days of November, we want to give our teachers the freshest flowers, which are examples of learning, training, examples of hard work, solidarity, politeness…

Then as time passes, we will have to part ways from Primary School …. to move on to a new journey, but we always keep in mind the good memories of the school and the teachers. We promise to always obey, try to study well, practice hard to dedicate to our teachers, show our gratitude and teaching merits to us.

On behalf of the students of grade 5C

Primary school …….

Luong Thi Hien Minh

2. Teacher’s thoughts on November 20

Dear deputies, Distinguished guests

Dear teachers and dear students!

Joining the jubilant atmosphere to welcome Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20 of the whole country, I am very honored to represent the school’s teachers ….. to express my feelings on the holiday “Respect Master Respect” this religion”.

More than 10 years ago, I myself was a student under the roof of the Gifted School, and was also guided by the teachers here, winging my dreams and beautiful ambitions for the future, I wished that I I will also be a teacher who conveys empathy to students like the teacher who gave me a fire – a fire to pursue my passions. The wheel of time keeps turning quietly, we gradually grow up after each lesson, after the classes with the teachers, I have more energy and faith enough to touch my dreams and aspirations. make them a reality. And it was a surprise when I was able to work and teach at the same old school associated with many memories, supported and protected, and became a small student in the teaching profession of teachers. Those are precious sentiments, which are ideal for me to try to devote all my knowledge to the cause of education.

I have chosen the profession of a teacher, the profession of boatmen who quietly and quietly transport generations of students to the docks of knowledge. Uncle Ho affirmed: “Without a teacher, there is no education. The teacher’s duty is very important and very glorious”, those words encouraged me to continue firmly in the career of “growing people”, continuing the noble work of cultivating green seeds for the country.

Every year, when the excitement of the first day of school has just subsided, our whole school is excited to compete to celebrate the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. On this day, receive flowers with 10 points, receive beautiful poems, beautiful sentences containing deep gratitude from students; We seem to be energized, enthusiastic to love school, love class more, try harder to be a step in the way to glory. A teacher cannot teach well without With good cooperation support from students, they are the inspiration, the motivation to go to school to do the teacher’s work, the source of strength for us to devote ourselves to the profession. And this teaching profession has brought us a lot of smiles and children’s eyes that are not easy to find in any other profession.

As a young teacher who just graduated from school, but I, like all teachers, are really touched by the gestures and favors that the whole society, which has a tradition of “reverence and respect”, has been giving. for the teachers. Thank you to the Vietnamese people for thousands of generations for giving our teachers the most affection and respect: “on the first day of the Father’s Day, the second of the Mother’s Day, and the third of the Teacher’s New Year” and a day of November 20 to be grateful to the teacher. Teacher. At this ceremony, on behalf of the school’s teachers, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the management, local government organizations and parents for their concern, help, encouragement and support. enabling us to successfully complete the assigned work tasks. Therefore, I and the younger generation of teachers will try to continue the mission of incubating the career of “planting people” at the roof of the secondary school ….., worthy of being a FLAMMER, is to spread the flame of science, belief, right, beauty, morality for students, ignite the smoldering fire in them, so that they know the desire for beauty, know the truth, and know more love the country and people and especially spread the fire of enthusiasm to contribute to a rich and strong society.

Finally, I would like to wish the delegates and guests good health and happiness, and wish the teachers a lot of joy and achievements in the noble career of “growing people”. Wishing all students to always study hard and study well, worthy of Uncle Ho’s good grandchildren, worthy of being a student of a high-quality school ……

3. Best speech about November 20th

If you want to go, bridge overseas

Want me or not read, the teacher asked grab.

Since ancient times, the image of a teacher has always symbolized standards and ethics, and a teacher also has a noble mission to impart morality to everyone, especially to generations of his students, to help them become people who are educated, have good character, have the ability to help life and society.

When it comes to Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, we are referring to a great and meaningful day, a day for all mankind to turn to the teachers – the silent and silent boatmen, the green seeders for the country. . Donkyise once famously said, “Under the light of the sun, there is no nobler profession than teaching”. Uncle Ho affirmed: “Without a teacher, there is no education. The task of teachers is very important and very glorious”, and the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong also said: “The teaching profession is the noblest of noble professions, the most creative of the creative professions. create. Teachers not only teach words but also teach people, they are like pine trees on the mountainside, cinnamon trees in the deep forest quietly give off their wisdom and strength to life. Indeed, the teaching profession is an extremely noble profession, training human resources that are decisive for the development of the country. Nothing can compare with the hard work of teachers and teachers in the career of growing people. How many generations of students have passed, the teacher’s hair has become more and more white over the years, but the enthusiasm to bring knowledge and valuable lessons to his students will forever remain unchanged in each person. teacher. Generation after generation, teachers are like diligent boatmen carrying students across the river, sowing seeds of knowledge, raising the wings of dreams to help students reach new shores, so that later on, Each student will become a useful citizen for society.

Although the years go by, despite the ups and downs of life, the ferryman still takes the boats to the river and that river, that figure has become an indelible memory in our consciousness forever. life:

“May is sunny and rainy

How many people did you take on the intellectual boat?

Cross the river, keep smiling

Love would like to donate glasses teacher injured.

The carpentry boat – the dew roof

Follow me to see all directions for thousands of days

That river is still here

The teacher brought the full boats across the river.”

(Ferry driver – Thao Nguyen)

Regarding the position of the teacher in society, through many periods of the country, the teaching profession has always been respected by our society and people. Today, our Party and State define education as the top national policy, so the teacher’s position is even more honored. For a long time, people have passed on the saying: “Nhat tu vi monk, semi self vi monk” or: “If you want to come, bridge the Kieu, if you want children or words, love the teacher”. And the proverb also teaches: No. The teacher asked you to do it… enough to see how respect and love our people have for teachers – the soul engineers of all times.

Our people’s tradition of respecting teachers from the past and forever in the future will certainly not change – but the requirements of the renewed society for teachers, both in terms of quality and capacity, have increased greatly. much. That requires the bravery of each teacher, while maintaining the good traditional qualities of this noble profession, while still meeting the increasing demand for knowledge, professional knowledge and pedagogy. .

The achievements that the School ….. has achieved, so far have always been imprinted with the merits of many generations of teachers. The school has been developing strongly: With a team of more than officers, lecturers and employees who are always enthusiastic, dedicated and have a sense of responsibility; students, trainees, doctoral students always uphold the spirit of effort, sense of self-study and practice; The facilities are getting better and better…

When the teacher’s hair is gray, my hair is still green.

When the teacher’s hair turned white, we grew up.

A new spring is about to come, on the face of every teacher, there are many hardships and hardships of everyday life, but only the eyes still light up with a belief, a love for the profession. . We are cadres and teachers of the school ……, promise to continue to light that belief, to light up the noble ideal that generations of teachers have kept; will continue to inherit and promote the achieved results, make efforts to overcome difficulties and be creative to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Party, State and people, contribute to training the young generation with quality, capable and aspiration to follow in his father’s footsteps to build a richer and stronger Vietnam.

On the occasion of November 20, we would like to send our best wishes and the freshest flower bouquets to all teachers! To the teachers and teachers with a sincere heart, yesterday’s students and today’s students have been and will always be engraved in their moral hearts: Drink water, remember the source, respect the teacher.

4. Thoughts on November 20

On the first day, I felt like stepping into a new and exciting new door. But there are also difficulties and challenges of learning. I was guided, lovingly supported, and full of love by her. It was that love that eased my fears. In the initial confusion and also made me more conscious, more motivated. That helps me to try harder in my studies in the future. I learned “Nhat self vi teacher, semi self vi teacher”. I know how to love her knowledge for “No, I dare you to do it”.

Today when listening to the song “When the teacher’s hair turned white”. I also understand more than the teachings of the teacher. The teachers taught me to love the country more than the country, to love “whoever has two dew and one sun to make golden rice”. And it was also the teacher who taught me to live with a heart. Those fragrant hearts go to distant lands. And they light up hope for the unfortunate lives.

Today I would like to thank Mr. The teachers stood on the podium giving the young people lessons. It is a valuable lesson with both my experience and love. We hope that you will always be able to row firmly. From there, it is possible to transport young intellectuals to the shore of success.

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