Why is the Emoji Movie Hated?

The Emoji Movie: a film that sparked a whirlwind of controversy and criticism. But what exactly led to such a widespread disdain for this animated feature? In this article, we delve into the reasons behind the Emoji Movie’s infamous reputation and explore the various factors that contributed to its widespread hatred.

A Brief Overview

Released in 2017, the Emoji Movie aimed to bring the vibrant world of emojis to life, taking viewers on a journey through the bustling metropolis of Textopolis. The film introduced us to Gene, a “meh” emoji who embarks on an adventure to become more than just a single-expression character. Initially, the movie generated anticipation and curiosity among audiences worldwide, eager to witness how such a unique concept would be portrayed on the big screen.

Unfavorable Initial Reception

However, upon its release, the Emoji Movie faced an overwhelmingly negative response from critics and viewers alike. Critics pounced on the film, criticizing its lack of originality, shallow plotlines, and poor character development. Many argued that the movie failed to captivate audiences due to its reliance on product placements and blatant commercialization. As a result, the Emoji Movie received an abysmal 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, solidifying its place as one of the worst-reviewed movies of that year.

Unraveling the Hatred

But why did the Emoji Movie receive such a vehement backlash? One possible reason stems from the skepticism surrounding the concept itself. Many questioned the viability of creating an entire film based on emojis, perceiving it as a cash-grab attempt rather than a genuine storytelling endeavor. Additionally, criticisms were raised regarding the voice casting and performances, which some argued lacked depth and failed to bring the characters to life.

In conclusion, the Emoji Movie’s unfavorable reception can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its lack of originality, poor character development, and perceived commercialization. The skepticism surrounding the concept and the subpar voice performances further contributed to the film’s widespread hatred. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into these aspects and explore how they influenced the public opinion surrounding the Emoji Movie. Stay tuned to unravel the mysteries behind this notorious film and discover why it became such a lightning rod for criticism.

Critical Reception

Textopolis, the vibrant city where emojis reside, serves as the backdrop for the Emoji Movie.
Textopolis, the vibrant city where emojis reside, serves as the backdrop for the Emoji Movie.

The critical reception of the Emoji Movie played a significant role in shaping its negative reputation. Let’s take a closer look at the initial reviews and ratings, as well as the specific aspects that critics found lacking in the film.

A. Overview of Initial Reviews and Ratings

Upon its release, the Emoji Movie faced a barrage of scathing reviews from critics. The film struggled to impress, earning a mere 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a popular review aggregator. This low score reflected the general consensus among critics that the movie failed to deliver on multiple fronts.

B. Analysis of Negative Aspects Highlighted by Critics

  1. Lack of Originality or Creative Storytelling

One of the key criticisms leveled against the Emoji Movie was its perceived lack of originality and creative storytelling. Critics argued that the film relied too heavily on the concept of emojis, without offering a fresh or compelling narrative. The plot was deemed predictable and formulaic, failing to engage viewers with its story arc.

  1. Poor Character Development and Shallow Plotlines

Another aspect that drew criticism was the film’s lack of character development and shallow plotlines. Many reviewers felt that the characters in the Emoji Movie lacked depth, with little growth or emotional resonance. The focus on superficiality and the limited range of emotions for the emojis left audiences feeling disconnected from the characters.

  1. Use of Product Placements and Commercialization

Critics also took issue with the movie’s excessive use of product placements and its perceived commercialization. The Emoji Movie featured prominent brand integrations throughout, which some believed detracted from the storytelling and felt like a marketing ploy. This overemphasis on commercial partnerships further weakened the film’s integrity in the eyes of its critics.

In conclusion, the critical reception of the Emoji Movie highlighted several negative aspects, including its lack of originality, poor character development, and perceived commercialization. These criticisms played a significant role in shaping the overall negative perception of the film. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into public opinion and controversies surrounding the Emoji Movie, exploring how these factors further contributed to its widespread disdain. Stay tuned to uncover the full story behind the Emoji Movie’s rocky reception.


In conclusion, the Emoji Movie has undoubtedly earned a reputation for being widely disliked. The combination of factors such as lack of originality, poor character development, and perceived commercialization played a significant role in fueling the widespread hatred towards the film. The skepticism surrounding the concept of an Emoji-based movie, as well as criticisms regarding voice casting and performances, further contributed to its negative reception.

Public opinion, as reflected through social media and online platforms, showcased the intense backlash against the Emoji Movie. From scathing reviews to viral memes, the movie became a lightning rod for controversy, with audiences expressing their disappointment and frustration.

Comparisons to other successful animated films highlight the stark differences in critical reception and audience appeal. While movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo captivated viewers with their compelling storytelling and memorable characters, the Emoji Movie fell short in delivering a similar level of depth and emotional connection.

In the end, the Emoji Movie’s reception serves as a reminder of the importance of originality, well-developed characters, and genuine storytelling in the world of animation. As viewers, we yearn for films that engage our imagination, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact. While the Emoji Movie may have fallen short of these expectations, it remains a topic of discussion and debate, showcasing the enduring power of cinematic experiences.

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